A Building Inspection Report that’s easy to understand

We pride ourselves on providing Jacksonville building reports that are easy to understand. Your custom report with including findings for significant issues on all major systems and components. Each noted item or defect will have a detailed description and photos showing where the issue was located.

We understand time is of the essence!

Your Jacksonville building inspection report is completed within 24-72 hours unless otherwise specified. You need to move quickly within your due-diligence. No other inspection company can deliver our caliber report as quickly as we can. We are unmatched in the industry, that’s a proven fact!

We provide easy, Online Access to Your Report

You’re purchasing information and expertise from us and you should be able to access that information at anytime… anywhere. You will receive a direct link to your report via email with instructions for retrieval. You can also provide the link to others so they can review the report. Contractors, Brokers,Agents, even the Seller…anyone who needs to see your report can view it right on their computer. It can also be printed of course.

We’re Committed to Excellence

Our reports are thorough, comprehensive and very detailed. We provide a complete picture of the condition of the building so you can clearly understand what’s involved in owning it. You’ll be armed with the facts to make an informed decision. We provide an immediate cost summary when needed and can also provide 5 year repair cost projections.

Please view these Jacksonville Commercial Building Sample reports below:

Sample Report 1

Sample Report 2

Sample Report 3

Sample Report 4